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  • Gripple Pot-Lock System

    Pot-in-pot system

    • Stabilizes containerized plants against exterior forces, preventing blow over
    • Prevents damage to plants, loss of soil and fertilizers, and damage due to frost
    • Promotes air root pruning, meaning larger healthier plants with stronger
    root systems
    • Prevents the plant rooting to the ground, allowing easy removal
    • Above ground anchoring system allows for versatile spacing of containers,
    giving easy access for irrigation and workforce
    • Flexes to fit pots ranging in diameter from approx. 6 to 12 inches


    Fiberglass Tree Stakes

    When used in conjunction with the Gripple Pot Lock System, it will supply just the right amount of support for leader growth, while still being flexible enough to allow the tree to flex in the wind. This helps create a larger caliper.