• We Are Premier!

    Premier Growers of America..."Rooted in Tradition"

    A new era has arrived in the nursery industry...Premier Growers of America is a wholesale tree nursery supplying cultivars and native tree varieties grown for the customer who expects total quality from the roots up. Premier grows exclusively in Rootmaker containers that provide a superior root enhancement and extended growth over the common nursery container. It allows us to supply a larger stock tree, with a heavier caliper, fuller head, and limited root circling.

    We specialize in growing, stepping up, or planting out liners that are finished with dominant leaders trained, clear trunks established and internal tree structure pruned. All trees are staked for quick shift up to the next size with minimal additional cost to the customer. We also have improved the mitigation and native tree liner with a quality root system and a superior head and structure to improve the success rate of survivability on your projects.





  • Weekly Special

    3G Eagleston Holly
    Size: 3G (Bush Form)
    Price: $9.50

    Willow Oak Liners
    Size: Liners
    Price: $1.50

    3G Bald Cypress
    Size: 3G
    Price: $8.50